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There were a lot of brilliant games displayed at E3 2017. As comic geeks though, one game has us excited above most others – Spider-Man. Insomniac showed off a few minutes of the gameplay and it looks absolutely…freaking…incredible.

Superhero games have been hit and miss historically. Until the Arkham series of games came along, there weren’t any definitive, all-time-great games that also happened to feature a superhero. Spidey’s had some good video game outings himself, with Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, both of which were Marvels Spider Man on Playstation 4enjoyable adventures.

But there’s never been a Spidey game that looks as promising as the one we’re talking about today. We think it may turn out to be the best Marvel game, or even one of the best superhero games of all time! Let’s dig into why we’re so hyped about Insomniac’s Spider-Man on PS4.

Solid narrative

Marvel have given Insomniac free reign over the story, which means that we’re going to see a lot of new and exciting things. Of course, the core manner in which all the characters are represented still needs to be recognizable. But since the game’s story isn’t part of the Marvel canon, Insomniac has a lot of room to maneuver. If the brief look at the events happening in the game are any indication, we’re in for an interesting narrative that will put Spidey in situations we haven’t seen him tackle in games before.

Fantastic combat

We talked about the Arkham series earlier, and the one defining aspects of those games is the combat system. Insomniac has taken its cues from the fine folks at Rocksteady and designed a combat system that is immediately recognizable, yet tweaked in ways that highlight Spidey’s unique abilities. For one, all of the combos and takedowns are much faster and utilize our hero’s agility. In combination with the web-slinging mechanics, the combat system allows for some truly unique expressions of ass-kicking.

Fluid movement

One of the great joys of watching Spidey in action is seeing him swing freely through the city. In this game, Insomniac seems to have created a system that really takes the web-swinging mechanics from previous Spidey games to the next level. Previous games in the series would just have you attach your webs to what was essentially the sky, as you floated through the city. It’s a small gripe, but seeing a system like Insomniac has put into place – webs need to stick to some physical object before you can move off them – is refreshing and gives us hope for the rest of this game.

Incredible graphics

Did you see how pretty everything looks? Wow. If you’ve not seen the E3 demo yet, do yourself a favor and watch it on YouTube right now. Make sure you’re watching it on the highest quality possible. We’ll wait.

Spider-Man on the PS4 looks absolutely gorgeous, and everything moves along at a smooth frame-rate even when there’s a ton of action happening on the screen. We can’t wait to play this in full, glorious 4k when it releases. The detail present in the environment, on Spidey’s suit and everything else is spectacular.

Great developers

If you don’t know who Insomniac Games is, take a look at their Wiki page. These guys have been creating solid games for nearly two decades now. Ratchet & Clank, anyone?

Additionally, one thing was clear from the interviews with the developers that came out during E3 – these guys are huge fans of the game, and that is always a plus in our book. Knowing that a group of dedicated Spidey fans are in charge of bringing the web-crawler to the PS4 makes us sleep a little bit better at night.

What did you think about the Spider-Man PS4 reveal? What are you excited to see when the game finally arrives on consoles next year? Let us know in the comments!

Check Out the Trailer