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For me the first thing I do; would be to read, read and ask questions if I even “think” a video game is a counterfeit. It appears most sellers on auction sites will come out and tell you if the game is a reproduction or not. Most of the pictures associated with the reproduction games will look like new, a tell tale sign of a reproduction. I also understand that some sellers will not disclose if the game is authentic or not. Now, it’s up to you to do your homework.

Make sure you are buying video games from a legitimate company. Do a quick search in Google about the company, you should be able to quickly see any negativityBuy retro video games | Video Game Collecting Tipsthe website or seller may have. Read up on literature about the website or the eBay seller. Transparency is key – if the seller is honest he or she would list all the necessary documentation or be very specific with the description of the item(s) they are trying to sell.

How new is the seller or website? Most sellers of counterfeit games have not been set up that long on the platforms they are try to sell their games on. Many people may or may not know selling reproduction video games is considered piracy. And piracy is against the law. So these sellers maybe bouncing around as their previous website or seller id has been shut down due to breaking the law.

Credibility is key, if you where to do a Google Search for “credible eBay seller” a whole list of resources would show up. Giving you tips on working with credible sellers or at the very least show you tips to find a credible seller. You can even find threads from various retro video game communities like: Nintendoage, reddit threads, Atari age and many more. These retro gaming communities are a great resource for the avid classic video game collector or the average “joe” just buying a classic game here and there.

This may seem obvious to some, if your dealing with a website read their blog. Our blog here has a nice article about how to spot counterfeit Super Nintendo Games.   It’s a pretty detailed article with a YouTube video. Our sister website The Old School Game Vault was just publicized on ars technica about counterfeit Nintendo NES mini consoles and the growing counterfeit problem.