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Are you thinking of starting a retro video game collection?  By now you’ve probably figured out that your going to need to make a majority of your purchases online.  Sure there are other ways to buy video games, such as brick and mortar stores and local events or conventions.  To be honest who wants to travel around only not to find what they are looking for.  The bottom line here is to know what you what and where to find what you want.  You need a reputable online video game store, toBuy Classic Retro Games Onlinebuy these classic video games from.  Here are a few tips on why you should buy video games online from still-luv-nes.

Sure it makes sense to mention my website here, but honestly we’ve been buying and selling retro video games for over a decade online now.  We have a vast knowledge about how to properly clean these games, and most importantly how to spot counterfeit or reproduction games.

Unfortunately many online sites today are cluttered with cheap knock off reproduction games.  Many people are not aware that they even exist.  So it’s crucial for a collector to buy used video games from a website they can trust.

What set's still-luv-nes apart from most classic retro video game dealers is our quality.  We take the extra time to clean our games and remove a lot of the gunk and grime from over the years. We also take the time to clean our cases and make our classic games look presentable.  These are the little things that has set us apart for the last 10 years.

Lack of Time

Sure, nobody wants to drive 100’s of miles, only to find out the video game they wanted from a particular store doesn’t have it in stock any longer.  Convenience is the key here and the Internet provides a buyer with many options.  I’ve had people drive to my store from another state only to find out I ran out or sold a copy of a game they where looking for.  Sure they should have called or emailed me, but still, talk about a waste of time!

Then there is always meeting local people in your area.  Now we all know how easy this easy to get ripped off or even God forbid, robbed.

Price Points

Many brick and mortar shops have bills to pay, such as rent, electricity and so forth.  So the overhead associated with these shops will be included in the price.  Then you have to pay local and state tax for the game.  You would have to pay tax if you made a purchase online in the state your reside in.  For the most part though, you can find much more competitive prices for these games online.

Which ever option you ultimately choose to go, just make sure that you look around and get a feel for how much what you collecting costs.  There is so much information on the Internet, which I’d hate to see someone get ripped off.